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Manifest Your Intention

My ability to manifest is stronger than most. Even though we all possess this ability to manifest, only a certain few actually know how...


I've lived two lives in my 48 years on this planet. One life consisted of staying at home for the most part, not working, taking care of...

September 20,

Mothers The question that I want you to ponder in this blog post is this. How obligated are you to continue talking to your mother if...


September 14, 2023 The events in my life have happened in a special way that I can't explain. Some call it coincidence, I call it diving...

Presence and Being in the Here and Now

How important is presence in your everyday life? It's absolutely everything. Applying presence in your life during the day as much as...

Let It Go

I was at a thrift store yesterday, when I saw a small pillow that caught my eye in the toy section. It was blue and white and had a...

I May Never Retire, and That's Okay

Today, I had a conversation with a girl at my work. She was fantasizing about what she would do once she won the 1 Billion Dollar Lottery...

Beware of the Mind

The mind is cunning. It has a way of trapping you into it's thoughts. It has a way of making you feel like it is the one controller of...

Stop Holding On

Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if you stopped holding on know, that thing that just won't leave your mind?...


Meditation is freedom. Pretty much, this is what Meditation is, freedom from your mind. Freedom from the incessant stream of thoughts...

Have you Noticed......?

What a powerful way to start a sentence! Have you ever noticed that starting a sentence with "Have you noticed" implies that you are...

Kindness is Power

What is freedom? What is it really? Do we still have freedom here in America? Yes, we do, but our freedoms are becoming diminished by the...

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