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Have you Noticed......?

What a powerful way to start a sentence! Have you ever noticed that starting a sentence with "Have you noticed" implies that you are asking the other person in conversation with you whether or not they became aware of something. Which brings us to our next question, Who is doing the noticing? It is much harder these days to notice anything. The barrage of news stories, and our connected world via technology has got many of us so disconnected from what we all have in common. The human need to connect and notice and be aware of each other. Not via the phone, but in person via real life experiences. I think on a very deep level, we all understand that having our phones with us for the majority of our waking hours has it's setbacks. I myself, am seriously challenging the amount of time I spend on my phone. Aside from the phone, we must ask ourselves if we are happier now, distancing ourselves from the one who is aware of our human experience in the present moment. Or were we happier as kids without technology just being aware of the present moment? Living in the now, and just enjoying the events as they enfolded for us? I think it's time for all of us to re-evaluate how technology has put a stranglehold on all of the true things in life that we hold dear. To think of ways that we can all just remove ourselves from our devices just a few hours a day and do things like be in nature by taking a walk, having a conversation with someone you haven't seen in a while in person, or simply just sit down for a small amount of time and meditate to remember that deep place within yourself that you have forgotten since your youth. She's still in there, you just haven't notice her in a while.

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