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I May Never Retire, and That's Okay

Today, I had a conversation with a girl at my work. She was fantasizing about what she would do once she won the 1 Billion Dollar Lottery that is up for grabs tonight. She had this whole speech laid out as to what she was going to say to our bosses and how she was going to tell them the right way to run their business and who in particular they needed to let go of. Then she said that she would still give 2 weeks notice when she quit, and that she would never work again!

I disagree with this idea. I think it's Malarkey to be quite honest to just stop working and stop contributing your talents to society and the world as a whole.

My father stopped working for 2 weeks. After a few days of gardening, he couldn't take it anymore, he had to go back to work. He didn't need to go to work as he had become financially settled, he just wanted to go to work. Even though my father had dementia, some of his last days were filled with walking with his brief case as he had some important things to take care of and important business to handle. It was sad, yes, but it was also a testament to how my father felt about working and contributing to society.

This will be me. I am a registered nurse who takes great pride in her work. I don't see myself ever stopping working. I will work till I can't anymore, no amount of money will prevent me from doing that.

The kind of work that I do, however, may change. I will use my brain more to help people rather than my physical body when I get older. I could see myself in a teaching role or as an author teaching about health and a holistic approach. Either way, I won't ever stop contributing or working. This is however, what life is about.

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