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Kayaking for Inner Peace and Motivation

June 11th

I got into my kayak today after years of not being on the water. Before I got into the kayak, I was…..scared. Scared of alligators, scared of falling in the water, scared of not being able to paddle against the current. I slowly lifted myself into the kayak and my husband pushed me in the water and I was off. It was a strange feeling being on the water by myself, a feeling of peace and freedom came over me. I loved it. I loved being in the lake and seeing the perspective of my house hundreds of feet away.

We used to go on 3 day long canoe trips in North Florida, with no clear plan of where we would set up camp, just a rough estimate on each night. We did that for years until I had my first child.

Today, when I stepped into the kayak, it took me back to that time and I slowly realized that I had what it took to get into that kayak and navigate the water on my own. What a freeing feeling that gave me motivation to get into better shape. It was unreal how I felt my body’s lack of ability to perform even after recently losing 35 pounds in 1 year. I felt exhausted, shaky, nauseous and weak. Wow! This just proves to me that I still have a lot of work to do in my fitness journey. It’s my humble opinion that when you decide to partake on your Keto Journey that you keep in mind your fitness goals and not let that slide. I did, because I was focused on getting to my goal weight. Now that I’m at my goal weight! It’s game on!!!

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