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Kindness is Power

What is freedom? What is it really? Do we still have freedom here in America? Yes, we do, but our freedoms are becoming diminished by the day. If you think about it, mostly everything is regulated. Why? Our innate nature is to be abundant. Who are these people that want to deny the human race our god given right to enjoy peace, freedom and abundance? Think about that. I know I do every day. The country that I grew up in, in the 80’s is not the same country that I see today. I see my fellow man suffering. I see a government that doesn’t listen to it’s people. I see the dream to buy a home diminishing for so many. Why can’t others see it or if they do see it, why can’t the people that are in power acknowledge it?

My answer to all of these questions just listed above comes down to two words, Greed and Power. We have lost our way in society. Greed and Power have been born from the result of fear. Fear of not being able to provide for our families. Fear of not being able to have the things that our society says that we need in order to be whole. Our nation is divided, more so than it has been for decades. We feel so separate from one another that it only feels natural to gravitate towards greed and power.

My ask in this blog, is that you resist this temptation to accumulate things and go after power. My ask is that every one of us contributes in some way to the awakening of our spirit. We can start with a very simple act. That act is kindness towards each other in everyday situations. So many people are so isolated right now that they may have just one interaction with another person all day. What someone says to that person could have a massive impact on their spirit. It may sound corny, but we are all connected and that is the truth. Seek to be kind to your fellow man. This is a good start to contributing to the awakening of our planet and our collective consciousness.

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