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Let It Go

I was at a thrift store yesterday, when I saw a small pillow that caught my eye in the toy section. It was blue and white and had a saying on it that resonated with me, it said "Let It Go." Looking at those words it reminded me of the words that represent the concept that I had been learning about all week. Simply letting it go. Let what go, you may ask? Let it all go, I answer! Let it all go. Easier said than done right? Yes, here lies one of the greatest secrets of life. How do you let it go, the good, the bad, the ugly, the pretty.

One way that we can start to practice in the art of letting go is by meditating. Meditation, especially in the morning, can set you up to increase your presence throughout the day. The practice goes like this: When you feel a little irritation arise, or some event that disturbs you, you learn to recognize the event or the feeling as fleeting, honor it, take a deep breath, relax and let it pass through you.

It's not easy to do this, especially during times when you feel as though you are triggered by major events, i.e. a huge argument between you and your loved one, getting fired from your job, etc. However, if you start with the small stuff first, such as someone not moving over in an aisle at the grocery store, and work from there, it will get a lot easier.

Another great way to live this way is to understand that the majority of events that happen around you, really have nothing to do with you, so why waste your time taking this stuff so personally?

We should all recognize that God and The Universe really do have our back. The more I live, the more I come to realize this. The beliefs that I previously held, that I had to watch out and protect myself from this cruel world, really were incorrect. It was just my Ego trying to take over and make me believe a false story in order to keep it alive.

The world is a friendly place and once you learn to recognize it's beauty by going out in nature, by living in the now and by taking in every moment that you can by living in the present moment, it will appear much more friendlier and you intern will be much more peaceful and experience more contentment and joy in your everyday life.

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