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Meditation is freedom. Pretty much, this is what Meditation is, freedom from your mind. Freedom from the incessant stream of thoughts that crowds your mind at any given moment of the day. I have been meditating for over 2 decades. Some days, I sit down and meditate and say, there is no way I am going to stop these thoughts, there is too much going on . However, I find that these are the most important meditation experiences that I have had. I also have found that they hold tremendous value in my day to day activity. These meditations train me in how to deal with the events as they unfold in my day. It helps me from not getting so caught up in my thinking. Honestly, it is the best place to be for me. It provides me with such a sense of peace and joy and tranquility, so much so that it's hard to stop meditating. It reminds me that I don't have to strive so hard to obtain outwardly things that I think may provide me with the same feelings that I get in meditation. Most outwardly things don't even scratch the service of how meditation makes me feel. I have 3 girls, and I wish I could make them understand the value of meditation and how important it is every day to feel that sense of peace and stillness. I wish it for all human beings.

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